Lĭquo is a wine bar located in the heart of the old Carlsberg brewery district.

Lĭquo specialises in Italian wine, and seeks to offer a selection that represents the richness and diversity of the Italian territory.
We strive to cultivate the taste and knowledge of wine with our guests. In our view, the encounter between the guest and the sommelier is an opportunity to relate to the worlds of wine. We envision our wine list as a dynamic result of this relationship; one that will develop most organically if our guests are curious and engaged with what they drink, the territories and histories they stem from, rather than being intimidated by technical wine jargon. We wish to stimulate this kind of drinking culture.
The name – Lĭquo – is a Latin homage to the people, the setting and the things that make-up the wine bar; respectively, the Italian heritage of the creators, Carlsberg byen’s own vast use of the language, and most obviously, the physical state of the matter that we trade. In fact “Lĭquo” literally means ‘to liquify’, and refers to the fact that most of its products are liquefied (wine, passata, oil) versions of solid foods (grapes, tomatoes, olives). The site was indeed originally intended as a storage for these goods, which are used in the kitchen of its older sibling, SURT. However, the luminous space and beautiful location next to JC Jacobsens Garden called for more. So, Lĭquo was born.

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